FolderGlance 3.0.0

Excellent contextual menu add-on for Finder

If you want to see more from Finder's contextual menus, then FolderGlance allows you to see what is inside your folders just by right clicking on your desktop. View full description


  • Removes useless "Open With..." options from contextual menus
  • Makes moving files and folders easier
  • Allows you to see whats inside folders just by right clicking


  • None so far


If you want to see more from Finder's contextual menus, then FolderGlance allows you to see what is inside your folders just by right clicking on your desktop.

In addition, you can drill down to the contents of sub-folders and even add your own folders using FolderGlance. A menu-hover function allows you to preview files in a folder simply by holding your mouse over them and most recently, FolderGlance has been updated (free to users of version 2.5+) to allow access of your files and folders directly from your Menu Bar.

One of the most useful features of FolderGlance is the ability to edit contextual menus. So for example, instead of getting lots of useless 'Open With...' options, you can ensure that just one application that you regularly use is offered. The other major benefit is that moving files between folders - especially deeply buried folders - is so much easier with Folder Glance than having lots of Finder windows open.

FolderGlance is a powerful addition to Finder that will enhance the way you manage files and use your contextual menu.


  • This is a major upgrade of FolderGlance. The new version is free of charge to licensed users of FolderGlance 2.5 and later.
  • Version 3.0 introduces the following new features:
  • Adds a menu extra that gives you access to FolderGlance from your menubar. The menu extra shows custom folders and volumes by default, and lets you search for files and folders using Spotlight and then browse the results from the menu.
  • Adds support for user-defined scripts
  • Includes Disk usage and Open Terminal scripts
  • Fully revamped preference pane
  • Add ability to sort items by modification date
  • Maximum Hover Preview size increased to 1024x1024
  • Adds Uninstall functionality in FolderGlance's preference pane

FolderGlance is a small Contextual Menu Plugin for the Finder. When it is installed, it allows you to control-click or right-click on folders to see and open their contents, as well as examine the contents of sub-folders down an unlimited number of levels. FolderGlance also has the following features:

  • Adding your own custom folders to the contextual menu, enabling FolderGlance to act as a very versatile launcher
  • Moving and copying the currently selected files to a folder you browse to
  • Creating aliases of the currently selected files in a folder of your choice
  • Drag-and-drop of files and folders
  • In-menu preview of arbitrary files
  • Opening files with an application different than the default by using an "Open with..." menu you can tailor to suit your own taste
  • Changing the font size used in contextual menus
  • Disable the menu fade effect, for a more speedy menu experience
  • Browsing into package contents
  • Optional display of custom file and folder icons
  • Customizable sorting and customizable display of hidden files and folders

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